Time limits for your child’s games console

QTIME is a gadget that lets you manage gaming time in your home. No more battles.
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Set daily time limits for gaming. No more battles.

Plug in the gadget and then easily set up an allowance and a time window each day of the week using the QTIME mobile phone app.

You can set different time limits for each day, or use the same time every day.

Once the time is up, QTIME turns the TV screen off automatically. No more disputes.

Pause the game right now. Great for meal times.

Tap the pause button in the QTIME mobile phone app and the screen turns off straight away.

No more negotiating over ‘just one more minute’. Press a button and they’ll magically appear.

What parents are saying about QTIME

"Really love QTIME - no more arguing over when kids need to get off the video games. Set a daily or weekly allowance time and let them go. QTIME warns them when 10 minutes are left and then shuts off.

The PS4 no longer rules the house. Wish it could do more things, like get them to clean up after themselves."
— Amazon Reviewer
"I had real problems with my 13 year old son who was addicted to Fortnite. Every night it was a major argument to get him off his Xbox and I got sick of it.

Works a treat. When we want him to come to dinner you can press a button in the app to cut-off the screen and he miraculously appears!"
— Amazon Reviewer
"We used this in an attempt to wean our daughter off computer games and back into family life. Worked a treat! Better than any of the bribery / threats we've tried previously.

Wonderful product, and so easy to set up and use too. I'd certainly recommend this - wish we'd found something like this years ago!"
— Amazon Reviewer
4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon
How much study time will you unlock?
A nobel prize is coming your way. That would mean 0 hours of gaming time per week. This is above the national average and could possibly result in lower grades. That's 6 hours of extra study time each week on average.
Statistics suggest that means turning a C grade into an A grade in 4 school subjects.
More family time

Every parent wants their child to spend less time in front of the screen.

QTIME lets you easily enforce healthier gaming habits.

Made for Xbox / PS4

QTIME works with Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and more.

It supports the latest HDMI 2.0 standard and is 4K ready.


Kids are great at finding loopholes.

QTIME detects when it has been unplugged from the TV screen and immediately sends an alert to your phone.

More studying & family time

Too much gaming time can cause problems for children; difficulties going to sleep on time, lower concentration at school and insufficient exercise.

Global health organisations recommend limiting children to 2-hours of screen time (or less) each day.

Get peace of mind. QTIME's parental controls ensure that time limits for video gaming are respected every day.

QTIME takes two minutes to set up

Simply unplug the HDMI cable that connects the games console to the TV and replace it with the QTIME gadget.

When today’s time limit is up, the screen simply turns off. The child gets a 10-minute warning to finish up their game.

QTIME pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi. It supports the latest HDMI 2.0 standard and it’s 4K ready.

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Compatible with

  • Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim
  • Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) / PlayStation Classic
  • Xbox One / Xbox One X / Xbox One S
  • Xbox 360
The QTIME parental control device.

Compatible with

  • Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim
  • Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) / PlayStation Classic
  • Xbox One / Xbox One X / Xbox One S
  • Xbox 360

The best parental controls for Xbox One and PS4 consoles

Kids get an app too

Kids get their own app to monitor how much time they have left.

Let them choose how to use their gaming time.

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Pause the game

Dinner time? Pause the game by turning off the screen right now using your phone.

This overrides any time limits that you have set for the day.

Extra time

Quickly add an extra 30 minutes or 1-hour to today's allowance.

Reward good behaviour like chores and finished homework.

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