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How we bootstrapped a hardware startup (Part I)

In this short series of blog posts, we’ll explain how we successfully bootstrapped and launched a smart home gadget that we manufactured in China.

It’s not typical to hear the terms ‘bootstrapped’ and ‘hardware startup’ in the same sentence. The vast majority of new hardware companies either raise large funding rounds from investors or use a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter to pre-sell their product.

Your Kids Got A Gaming Console For Christmas, Now What?

So you got your kids an Xbox or a Playstation this year? You watched the mirth and surprise on your kid’s faces as they discovered their wishes had come true as they tore open their presents. Now that you have cleaned up the wrapping paper and they have unboxed their gaming console… it’s time to play.

PS4 Time Limits For a Healthy Life

Playing video games is the norm today. As of 2018, there are 2.8 billion active gamers globally. This number will only increase over the coming years.

Gaming on consoles and phones has become synonymous with daily life and, as kids come into contact with games earlier in life, it’s important for parents to create healthy PS4 gaming habits once they buy the gaming console.

Setting Time Limits for Xbox One

Setting time limits on your Xbox One is key to ensuring that your kids are mentally and physically healthy and learn to manage their time wisely as they mature.

Xbox time limits should not be considered a punishment. Time limits are similar to all other household rules or chores; they ensure your kids prioritise school work, grades, and social activities while still getting to enjoy a certain amount of time playing games.

Healthy Video Game Habits for Your Household

Creating healthy and maintainable game and screen time habits starts long before parents realise they need them. As children engage with phones, tablets and gaming consoles at an earlier age, it becomes important to establish ground rules early to ensure healthy engagement in school, social, and familial pursuits.

Should Your Kids Play Fortnite?

There have been horror stories about Fortnite all over the news in recent weeks.

What is Video Game Addiction?

You see the headlines at least once a week. Children and teenagers are becoming addicted to an everyday item: video games. The amount of time children spend in front of screens increases each year.

The Importance of Setting Xbox One and PS4 Time Limits

For parents, it can be a real struggle to set boundaries and time limits for their children’s video game habits. In most households, a PS4 or Xbox is ubiquitous and plays a central role in most kid’s day to day life. The amount of time children spend gaming can have huge ramifications on their health, social life, and cognitive development.

Four smart parental control devices for your home

Setting up parental controls and monitoring for every laptop, smartphone, games console and PC in your home can be a lot of work. Not every device supports parental controls.

We compiled a list of smart parental control devices that plug straight into your home Wi-Fi router and let you set controls for the whole house with a single app.