The Importance of Setting Xbox One and PS4 Time Limits

For parents, it can be a real struggle to set boundaries and time limits for their children’s video game habits. In most households, a PS4 or Xbox is ubiquitous and plays a central role in most kid’s day to day life. The amount of time children spend gaming can have huge ramifications on their health, social life, and cognitive development.

The World Health Organization has recently included ‘Gaming Disorder’ in its International Classification of Diseases. While most children and adults who play video games do not entirely fall under this classification, the WHO is using this as a warning that gaming addiction is becoming more prevalent, especially as children are coming into contact with video games earlier in life.

Xbox controller and TV screen

Our next article will go more in-depth into gaming addiction and the WHO’s classification. For now, we want to focus on the advantages and strategies for setting and enforcing time limits for Xbox and PS4.

PS4 and Xbox time limits should not be considered a punishment. Time limits are similar to all other household rules, such as cleaning your room, doing your homework, and washing the dishes after supper. They ensure a healthy and balanced environment. Having time limit restrictions teaches kids to prioritize outdoor time, study time and it builds community outside of the video game environment.

Instead of constantly battling your kids about their habits, you can work together to establish a time limit structure that works for the whole household. While it can be useful to work as a family to establish the right amount of time on an Xbox or PS4, it can be a challenge to enforce these rules.

This is where QTIME can help. With the QTIME app you know exactly how much time your kids spend playing video games. This data can help you to make educated decisions about time limits for your kids. And, as you can’t be home all of the time, the QTIME App will always make sure you know how much time your kids are spending playing video games .

Being able to track your child’s PS4 or Xbox gaming time via the QTIME app over a period of days or weeks, can be a useful resource for setting time limits. Once these Xbox and PS4 time limits are established, you can use the QTIME device and app to set and maintain time limits throughout the week. You can reward your kids for good behaviour or pause the system remotely if they are trying to break the rules.

Playing video games should not cause strife in your household. Start by setting PS4 and Xbox time limits and talking with your kids about the importance of good gaming habits. Use devices, like QTIME, to explain and maintain your household rules. These simple strategies help ensure you and your kids have a happy and balanced life.

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