Setting Time Limits for Xbox One

Setting time limits on your Xbox One is key to ensuring that your kids are mentally and physically healthy and learn to manage their time wisely as they mature.

Xbox time limits should not be considered a punishment. Time limits are similar to all other household rules or chores; they ensure your kids prioritise school work, grades, and social activities while still getting to enjoy a certain amount of time playing games.

Why set Xbox One time limits?

The amount of time children spend gaming can have huge ramifications on their health, social life, and cognitive development. The World Health Organization has recently included ‘Gaming Disorder’ in its International Classification of Diseases. The WHO issued a warning that this behaviour is becoming more prevalent as children come into contact with games earlier in life.

Games are built to draw a player into its universe and make them constantly need to play games with strategies like rewards/badges, time limits, and continually expanding the game’s universe. Gaming companies know that this sort of engagement addicts players and makes it hard for them to stop playing their games. This gaming development is not going away and other game developers will use this framework to create similar, equally addicting games.

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It is recommended that children have less than 2 hours of game and screen time a day. Studies have shown that grades improve dramatically when children, who formerly played games 2+ hours a day, reduced their time to less than two hours and subsequently had more time to study or participate in extracurricular activities.

These children also tended to be more physically and mentally healthy. Having a household time limit on gaming for all your kids will ensure that they have the time they need to do school work, activities, chores and get better sleep. Don’t wait to set time limits.

How to set time limits

Sit down with your kids and discuss their Xbox gaming habits. Find out what games they are playing and how much time they are spending playing games. If it’s more than 2 hours a day, explain to them why time limits are important and what are the new household rules. If you are just now buying your first gaming console, it is never too early to start limiting screen time.

It can be hard to enforce time limits. You can’t be hovering around the Xbox all day watching your children play. If you find it hard to track your kid’s habits or think they are breaking your rules, we recommend utilising devices like QTIME or your Xbox One Parental Controls to ensure your kids follow the rules.

How can QTIME help?

QTIME works with parents to ensure you can always monitor and track your kid’s game time, making it easy to maintain household rules. Tracking your child’s Xbox game time via the QTIME app, over a period of days or weeks, can be a useful resource for knowing your kid’s gaming habits and setting specific daily time limits.

Set specific time limits and track your kid’s Xbox use throughout the week. Once your child’s allotted time is up for the day, the app will notify them they have 10 more minutes and after that period of time the Xbox will be turned off. You don’t have to be home to enforce the rules – QTIME does that for you.

Worried your kid will unplug the device? QTIME is smart and will alert you immediately if your kids try to physically unplug the device. And, you can always add more time to reward your kids for good behaviour or turn off the system remotely if they broke the rules.

Don’t let the Xbox One control your kids. Set time limits and use QTIME to ensure you have a happy and healthy household.

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