PS4 Time Limits For a Healthy Life

Playing video games is the norm today. As of 2018, there are 2.8 billion active gamers globally. This number will only increase over the coming years.

Gaming on consoles and phones has become synonymous with daily life and, as kids come into contact with games earlier in life, it’s important for parents to create healthy PS4 gaming habits once they buy the gaming console.

What are PS4 time limits?

All households should have rules about how much time should be spent daily or weekly playing video games. Kids should not spend more than 2 hours a day playing PS4. Multiple studies have shown that children who engage with a screen less than 2 hours per day have better grades and participate in more extracurricular activities. When you help your children disengage from playing games, you ensure they are mentally and physically engaged and learn to use their time wisely.

If you start talking about time limits and setting ground rules early, you don’t have to use time limits as if they were a punishment. Like all other household rules they ensure your kids understand their priorities like school, friendships, and outdoors activities, while still getting to enjoy playing their games.

Why set PS4 time limits?

Gaming addiction is becoming a ubiquitous term when talking about video games. With the World Health Organization’s decision to include ‘gaming disorder’ in their updated International Classification of Diseases, it has asked doctors and parents to reassess how we play and interact with games.

While most children will not form an addiction to the games they play on PS4, it can be hard for many children and teenagers to know when to disengage with the game. Games are easy to play and often take vast amounts of time and concentration to explore and beat. It’s hard to know how much time is being spent playing because you become so absorbed in the game.

Most games don’t have clocks to tell you what time it is or how long you have been playing, which works to the advantage of both the game and console makers because they get highly engaged and consistent customers.

The amount of time children spend gaming can have huge ramifications on their health, social life, and cognitive development. It is absolutely key to set time limits for under 2 hours each day to ensure that your kids are mentally & physically healthy and do not get trapped in this pattern of game play.

How do I set PS4 time limits?

Start by talking to your kids about their PS4 gaming habits. Find out what games they like to play and how much time they spend playing. Watch their game play habits over a period of time to see if it’s consistent with their perspective. They may not even know how much time they are spending on a game once they start playing.

If game play lasts for more than 2 hours a day, set new rules around time limits and explain to them why time limits are important. If your PS4 is new to the household, set time limits before unhealthy behaviour begins. And, if you play games as a family or by yourself, be sure to set a good example for your kids and follow the household rules.

Enforcing PS4 time limits isn’t easy. Even if you create a rule, it doesn’t mean your kids won’t break it. You can’t watch your kids playing games all day, every day. If you are having a hard time tracking their screen time or think they are breaking the rules, we recommend utilising devices such as QTIME or the PS4 Parental Controls to ensure your kids follow the rules.

How can QTIME help?

QTIME works with you to ensure you can always monitor and track your kid’s game time, making it easy to maintain household rules. PS4 Parental Controls can be hard for you to navigate and is not as robust at tracking screen time, doesn’t allow for individual daily limits, and does not enable you to remotely turn off the console if you are away from the screen.

Tracking your child’s PS4 game time via the QTIME app, over a period of days or weeks, can be a massive resource for knowing your kid’s gaming habits and setting specific, daily time limits. Set your time limits for the each day of the week.

When the allotted time is up for the day the app will notify your kids that they have 10 more minutes of gameplay and after that period of time the PS4 will be turned off. Worried your kids may unplug the device?

QTIME is smart and will alert you immediately via the app if your kids try to physically unplug the device. You can always add more time to reward your kids for good behaviour or turn off the system remotely if they break the rules. You don’t have to be home to enforce the rules– QTIME does that for you.

Don’t let the PS4 rule your household. Help your kids have a healthy time playing gaming. Set time limits and use QTIME to ensure you have a happy and healthy household.

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